Writers' HQ Academy

Everything you need to get going, keep going, plot, edit, unpick, rebuild, write your novel, and publish your stories.

Write What you Know

Find out what you *really* know, and how you can use that to make your writing bigger, better and even more real.

Writing In The Time Of Climate Change

An online course for writers exploring the environmental crisis

Writing With Kids

A short, three-part video series with Sarah and Jo discussing the Writers' HQ origin story and how you can write around your children without going mad.

Seven Ideas In Seven Days

Set your brain to work and become a story making machine. In just seven days you can learn to see, hear and think like a writer.

Publishing 101: Find An Agent

Prepare your manuscript and find the best agent match for you and your work

Plotstormers II

Edit your novel like a boss

Writing Short Fiction

Learn how to write small words with big impact.


How to plot a novel from beginning to end in six weeks.

Publishing 101: The Query

Nail your query letter and get the literary agent of your dreams.

Publishing 101: Write a Synopsis

Learn how to craft a small but perfectly formed synopsis and impress prospective agents

Making People

The Writers' HQ characterisation masterclass. Learn how to write people who are original, real and memorable.

Turbocharge Your Creativity

Make every writing session count. A free course to help you put rocket boosters under your bum (metaphorically).

The First Draft

Get your first draft written with our epic hand-holding six month long course

14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

Sometimes the toughest part about writing is finding the time and space to do it. Let us help.

Short Fiction Mini Masterclass

A quick intro to big little stories

The WHQ Guide to Submitting to Writing Competitions & Lit Mags

Write a thing. Submit a thing. Get published. Yes.

Couch to 5k Words

Troubleshoot Your Novel

Stuck as a pig in a poke? Unstick thyself and finish your book.

Plotstormers With Friends

How to plot a novel from beginning to end in six weeks.

Writing Without Fear

Don't let fear crush your creativity! Face it. Write it. Do. The. Thing.

Writing Short Fiction With Friends

Learn how to write small words with big impact.

Beginner's Guide to Flash Fiction

Learn how to conjure teeny tiny stories out of thin air without beginner's guide to flash fiction!