Making People

The Writers' HQ Characterisation Masterclass

Create characters who are original, real and memorable, right down to that bit of dried cheese sauce on their trousers and their fear of flip-flops.

Struggling to make your fictional characters feel realistic? Find yourself falling back on tropes and stereotypes, or hashing out two-dimensional cardboard cutout figures instead of living, breathing people?

Prepare your loins to CREATE LIFE! 


Learn how to craft unique, intriguing characters who have their very own agenda, opinions, phobias and dreams. Try out a bunch of different approaches to characterisation and get down and dirty with the psychology of your fictional peeps.


Find out A WHOLE LOT about your characters' motivations, and work out how they might react in any given situation. Write backstories and memories and find out how to thwart your poor protagonist's desires at every turn to up the stakes and layer your story with conflict.


  • A series of writing exercises to develop and realify your characters
  • Work out what your character wants most of all (and why they can't have it)
  • Trace character arcs to discover the psychological impetus behind their actions
  • Learn exciting alternatives to character sheets and bland physical description
  • Explore your characters' backstory and find out why they act/react they way they do
  • Discover how to be an absolute bastard to your characters in order to make them sympathetic and relatable
  • Join our LOVELY online community of WHQers and discuss your characters in our private Facebook group

Love for Making People: Characterisation Masterclass

Eleanor Pender

Really useful exploration in what makes a character

I've found this course to be incredibly useful. I have a novel I started years ago, and with the help of this course, I have realised that the central character needs a lot of work on her motivations. The questions I've looked at while doing this ...

Sharon Eckman

Making People Made Easy

Well not that easy, you have to put the work in but these exercises are great and also potentially fun. And they also send you in different directions and with different ideas for your character and from there possibly your story. Loving your work...

Sheila Raaff

Snappy title

Very useful exercises for creating and giving depth to characters. Has helped me with the overall process of planning the story and fleshing out 'real' characters