Couch to 5k Words

Wake up your writing

Struggling to get started with your writing?

Finding it impossible to keep up a momentum?

Generally feeling a bit meh?

Shake off the literary ennui and find your writing happy place. Whack a firecracker up the butt of productivity. Shove procrastination out the door like a drunk relative who’s outstayed their welcome.

The Writers’ HQ Couch to 5k Butt Kick is a 28 days course of writing tips and prompts, inspirational bollocks, and literary swearing.

You could see out the month with a writing habit to make Barbara Cartland weep and productivity to make Stephen King fall on his knees in adulation...

  • Give your writing and writing habit a vigorous shakedown. Ooer.
  • Finish the course with a regular, sustainable writing practice.
  • Join our lovely little online community to support you through starting, middling, finishing and beyond.
  • Kick butt. Smash your writing goals. Be awesome.