14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

Get writing and keep writing

**Starts Monday 7 May 2018**

Sometimes the toughest part about writing is finding the time and space to do it. Our FREE online course will show you how to magic writing time from nowhere, how to set realistic and sustainable goals, and offer techniques for prioritising so that it always gets done. By the end of the course you’ll have an achievable, regular and confident writing practice.  

The biggest hurdle to finishing your story is often starting it. Maybe it’s hard to find the time in among work and family and the general goings on of life. Maybe you feel like you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re quietly worried that you won’t be as good as you hope you’ll be.

14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit will guide you step-by-step through and over your hurdles and concerns while simultaneously getting your bum on a seat to write, and to write regularly.

Give us two weeks and we’ll have you raring to go.


  • 14 days of videos, exercises, advice and resources exploring how to get going and keep going.
  • Daily inspiration, whip-cracking, writing exercises and prompts
  • Access to our private Facebook group full of super cool people to help and support you along the way, including Team WHQ, our specially-picked and hand-baked gang of badass writers.

Love for 14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

Caroline Whiteman

Bloody brilliant!

I love Writer's HQ. This course was the biz. Thank you.

Jan McCarthy

Spectacularly helpful and galvanizing

It absolutely works. Coupled with the Fb group, the course does exactly what it says it will, if you follow the exercises.

Geoff White

A great way to get back into the habit of actually WRITING.

I really enjoyed this course, timed as it was with a whole bunch of other people doing at the same time. The shared experience, and sharing work on the Facebook group, really helped to keep me going. It really hammered home to me the importance...