Thinking of sending your writing out into the literary ether? Hooray! Welcome to the wonderful world of submissions - simultaneously the most rewarding and frustrating part of being a writer. 

There are some truly brilliant writing competitions and lit mags out there, but it can be all too easy to commit the cardinal sins of submission, cock up your chances at getting published, and become defeated by rejection. 


We've put together a handy list of fundamental dos and don’ts for submitting your precious storybabies to writing competitions, literary magazines and the like. For example:

  • How to properly prepare your submissions and give yourself a decent chance at getting published
  • How not to piss off hard-working lit mag editors and competition judges
  • How to keep going in the face of rejection 
  • How not to succumb to imposter syndrome and fear of failure
  • How to kick literary arse with your subs

So take note, take heed, and get fucking published.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The sweary WHQ guide to submitting to writing competitions and lit mags

    • Thinking of submitting something? READ THIS FIRST!

    • Read the fucking guidelines

    • Do your research

    • Proofread and edit your work

    • Make sure your story has a point

    • Be patient (AKA get used to waiting)

    • Keep track of your subs

    • Don't put yourself down or sell yourself short

    • Keep. On. Truckin'.