Turbocharge Your Creativity

Make the most of every writing session

***Course starts Monday 12 February 2018***

Turbocharge your creativity and make the very best of your writing time.

Writing time is precious, but even when you DO find space and time to write, sometimes the words just don’t come. Sometimes procrastination takes over and before you know it you’ve spent an hour scrolling mindlessly through Twitter. Sometimes you get so bogged down with tweaking and editing and redrafting that you’ve re-written your opening chapter twenty-gazillion times but never managed to get to chapter 2…

Fear not. We are here to help.

This FREE online course will help you to make the very best of every single writing session and turbo-boost your productivity so you start to make clear, steady progress, no matter how much time you have to write each week.

With 7 days of tips, techniques and exercises to get you writing like a demon, we’ll show you how to prioritise your writing time, set achievable goals, banish writer’s block, avoid distractions, improve your productivity, and continually beat your own personal best.

Turbocharge Your Creativity will take you to a place where the blank page no longer holds any fear, and you’re still making progress even when you’re not physically writing. Just like magic.

  • Learn how to maximise your writing time and make steady progress.
  • Finish the course with all the tools you need to stay productive and finish your projects.
  • Join our lovely little online community to keep you motivated.

All the awesomesauce stuff you get: 

  • 7 days of tips, exercises, advice and resources exploring how to boost your productivity

  • Daily inspiration, whip-cracking, pep-talking, and techniques to suit every writing style

  • Access to our private Facebook group full of super cool people to help and support you along the way, including Team WHQ, our specially-picked and hand-baked gang of badass writers.

Love for Turbocharge

Claire Wade

Fantastic reminder of why I write

Writing has stopped being fun and working through this course has reminded me of the good parts, that I actually love this thing called writing. It's given me practical ways to get back into writing and I've opened up my manuscript again and writt...

Jan McCarthy

Bloomin' Good Sense!

I knew most of this already in my heart of hearts, but was I listening? No! Not until I saw it in black and white and weird flashing colours in front of my eyes, doing this course. No more excuses now. Do this course at your peril!