Write What you Know

(even if you think you know nothing, Jon Snow)

Ahhh 'write what you know' - that old hackneyed chestnut, right? 

For most of us, 'what we know' is actually pretty dull and boring, but that's not the point. 

The point is, we're all frickin' human. 

We all feel things (ugh, feelings). 

We all know stuff that other people don't know. 

We've all experienced the world, with all its ups and downs and sideways strangeness. 

And the secret to good writing is translating all that innate human-y knowledge into honest, realistic fiction.

Join us for a month of motivation emails full of pep, exercises, prompts and guidance on harvesting all the amazing things you know into your writing.


  • Four weeks of progressive exercises to help you to harvest ideas, develop your craft, and discover what you really know... 
  • Guidance on safely exploring your innate human-y knowledge and turning truthful details into fiction-worthy elements
  • Advice on finding that sweet spot between autobiography and fiction, and how to detach yourself from potentially tricky memories and feelings so you can write about them
  • Daily inspiration, whip-cracking, writing prompts, lots of theory and how to use that practically
  • Top tips, techniques, and story examples from the best of the best
  • Access to our LOVELY social media community of Writers HQers to discuss ideas, techniques and get advice and feedback from your fellow writers
Jo Gatford
Jo Gatford
Queen of editing, social media swearing, and flip-chart facilitation

About the instructor

Jo is a human who procrastinates about writing by writing about writing. Her novel White Lies won the Luke Bitmead Bursary and was published by Legend Press in 2014. She’s also had a bunch of short fiction published, won some prizes, decided to do an MA in Shakespeare rather than write her next book, and is now using Writers' HQ to extend that deadline even more- Wait. Shit...  Jo runs the monthly Brighton Writers’ Retreat and is the queen of editing, swearing on social media and flip-chart facilitation.